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With 288,739 of free images of cartoline available and many more added daily by our creators all over the world,
you can surely find high-quality free stock images of cartoline on illustAC for your next personal and commercial projects.

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You are looking for eye-catching cartoline free clipart, illustrations and vectors that could be used legally both for your next personal and commercial projects? With millions of cartoline stock illustrations available and many more are added on a daily basis by our creators, IllustAC will be a right choice for you. Exploring illustAC's cartoline category, you can surely find the right stock clipart and illustrations that you need in minutes.
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What are free postcard vectors and illustrations?

Free postcard vectors and illustrations are vector graphics with the presence of various visual components and concepts that viewers immediately associate with postcards. These visual components include various postcard templates and design elements used for postcards designs such as background, icons, frames, etc. Free postcard vectors and illustrations are the ones that can be used for personal and even commercial projects at no cost. We can find postcard vectors and illustrations on a lot of design template websites, apps and platforms.

What are popular free postcard vectors and illustrations on illustAC?

The most popular free postcard vectors and illustrations that you can easily find on illustAC are various types of elements and templates used for postcard design such as borders, frames, backgrounds and textures, various illustrations, etc. Free postcard vectors and illustrations on illustAC vary in sizes, colors, styles and purposes of use. They can be cute or professional, monocolor or colorful, vintage or modern. Free postcard vectors and illustrations on illustAC are mostly used for designing postcards, both for printing and digital uses.

How to find better results of free postcard vectors and illustrations on illustAC?

You can find free postcard vectors and illustrations from the Postcards Category section on illustAC. Also, for specific searches, let's start with the search bar by entering a related keyword such as “vintage postcard'’, “modern postcard’’, “postcard background’’, “postcard texture”, “postcard frame’’, “birthday card”, “spring card”, “summer card”, “autumn card”, “winter card”, “travel card”, “etc. then refine the search results using the filter function. You can refine search results of postcard vectors and illustrations by choosing the type of images (PNG, EPS or AI), dimension (vertically or horizontally), and colors used in the designs. You can also include or exclude other keywords, categories, and names of creators as well.

Is it safe to use free postcard vectors and illustrations downloaded from illustAC?

All postcard vectors and illustrations on illustAC can be downloaded for free and can be used for both personal and commercial projects. Simply sign up for a free account and start downloading today. There are some limitations on the download times per day for free users on illustAC. If you want to download free postcard vectors and illustrations without any limitation, you can subscribe to one of our two plans, monthly or annually. To make sure you use our free postcard vectors and illustrations properly, please thoroughly check our Terms and Conditions.

All vectors and illustrations on illustAC are OK to use for personal projects. If you want to use them for commercial purposes, please check our Usage Guides to make sure you use the downloaded free vectors and illustrations from illustAC properly.

You might want to buy Extra licenses for specific commercial uses. Please be aware that Extra licenses are available for ONLY materials from the creator named acworks. To find free vectors and illustrations of acworks, please use the filter by creator’s name when searching.

Brief intro about postcards

The Postcard is a card sent through our email at a lower postage rate than a sealed envelope and usually features a picture on one side and a message on the other. Photographs were and still are, used to create many postcards. Without the use of words, photographs can represent social history. Postcards can be as inventive as the sender wishes. A postcard can be used to promote new products and services, advertise a sale or special offer, invite people to a tradeshow, seminar, or event, generate traffic to a website, function as a coupon, and just about any other marketing concept you have.

When sending postcard templates, the greeting is an excellent spot to begin your message and make your receiver feel important. Start your Postcard with 'Dear, (name)' if you're going for a formal tone. If you want to go more casually, begin your Postcard with 'Hello, Hi, or Hey (name)'.A postcard can sometimes be sent for less money than a letter in some countries. Postcards (which require a postage stamp) and postal cards (which do not) are distinguished by stamp collectors (which have the postage pre-printed on them). A postal card is issued by the relevant postal authority, whereas a postcard is usually printed and sold by a private company, individual, or organization (often with pre-printed postage). Postcard production exploded in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They were highly popular as a quick and straightforward way to interact. Deltiology is the study and collection of postcards (from Greek deletion, small writing tablet, and English -logy, the study of)

The practice of sending a picture or blank card stock holding a message through the mail at a letter rate originated in the United States with a card stamped in December 1848 featuring printed advertising. The first commercially produced card was made in 1861 by Philadelphia's John P. Charlton, who patented a private postal card and sold the rights to Hymen Lipman, whose postcards were marketed as "Lipman's Postal Card," replete with a painted border. There were no images on these cards. While the US government allowed privately produced cards as early as February 1861, they were rarely used until 1870, when commercial viability tests were conducted.

postcard templates help some business owners get near your prospect and connect in a comfortable, social setting. According to the Postal Service, postcards are more than six times as likely to be read as direct mail letters (94 per cent vs 14 percent). Postcards are written in the same way as an informal letter would be.


  • The date and the location are both written on the same line.
  • The full address of the sender is not registered.
  • The salutation, subscription, and sender's name must be written in capital letters.

Their real name, address, area code, state, and country are all included. The postal office will not look for information on the face of the Postcard, so don't write on it. Make sure that your writing is as legible as possible.

What are the popular types of postcards?

Postcards production exploded in the late 1800s and early 1900s, when size, color, and other restrictions were lifted. Postcards were popular because they allowed people to communicate quickly and easily. Today, deltiology (the study of postcards) is a popular pastime. The popular postcards are Single & reply postcards, which are very popular among others.

Pioneer postcards, produced in the United States between 1873 and 1897, are precious. The flipside of these cards is distinctive in that there is no message, only the address. Until the early 1900s, the postal office prevented people from writing remarks on the backs of postcards.

Different postcard designs differ from other countries like North America and Japan if we talk about our countries. Although postcards are now widely used worldwide, they had a humble beginning. The first Postcard was mailed 177 years ago, in 1840, by an Englishman named Theodore Hook to himself. Despite the advancements in technology, postcards remain one of the most thoughtful gifts you can send. In North America, You can find postcards in a trending way.

In North America, you can find; A mailpiece must be rectangular and meet the following specifications to qualify as a postcard: At least 3-1/2" in height, 5" in length, and 0.007" in thickness. 4-1/4" height X 6" length X 0.016" width is the maximum size. As well the size of Japan, before you start designing, you'll need to determine which standard postcard size is best for you and your marketing strategy. 4x6, 4.25x5. 5, 4.25x6, 5x7, 5.5x8. 5, 6x9, and 11x6" are the standard postcard sizes.

When it comes to postcard design, what to expect on illustAC

You can make these postcard templates for the websites of editorAC. So, let us find how to create a postcards design from editorAC quickly. editorAC is simple and stylish! Make flyers using a variety of design templates. You can require a leaflet for various reasons, including business, events, and school activities. Of course, commercial editing software allows you to create attractive flyers, but editorAC is free to use and allows you to develop basic and fashionable pamphlets.

There are 7 million members to exceed from the editorAC. Once you know your goal, you can use the editorAC for postcard templates and postcard design. You can easily search from the editorAC for what you are looking for. You can type want you want and click the search button. So, from the point of start, there are several tutorials to find the postcard templates for a different category like for the business; You can use these postcard templates for the banner, flyer, A4, Menu, Business card, Business card ID, Shopping card, Logo, Presentation.

Many illustrators have contributed a total of 30,820 free illustrations and photos linked to " postcard design." Click the illustration image to go to the free download page if you find a free illustration material/image related to your preferred "postcard design." Please leave a remark on the illustrator who made the illustration after downloading. You can also request unique photographs directly from the illustrator's profile page linked to the artwork download page.

We offer 1 to 60 free illustrations and images connected to the 21,218 " postcard templates " shared by numerous illustrators. You can go for the illustration image to go to the free download page if you find a free illustration material/image linked to your chosen "postcard templates." After that, leave a remark on the illustrator who made the illustration after downloading. The illustration download page also includes a link to the illustrator's page, where you can request original illustration work directly.